Sunday, July 22, 2012


A few notes:

1) Next time I do the once a month cooking, I'm going to be a little smarter. I made sixteen super yummy zucchini and corn quesadillas....which I myself will have to eat because hello! they are wheat tortillas filled with sliced zucchini and corn. My kids are great eaters (thanking my lucky stars) but that's a stretch even for them. If I had been thinking, I would have grated the zucchini and added chopped chicken and more cheese to theirs...lesson learned!

2) So homemade laundry detergent is super duper cheap and works great...for about a month. After that point, the level of grime and dirt will have gradually increased to the point that clothes and towels aren't even bothering to give the illusion of cleanliness anymore. So, much to my budgetary disappointment, we're back to Tide. Much to my relief, my clothes, towels and sheets are once again clean and don't smell bad.

3) (FB repeat warning) The girls and I watched Step Up on Disney Family or whatever that channel is called. Take that On Demand with your $3.99! Ha! Anyway, the girls loved the dancing. I told Paul about it and he emailed back "you are too married to be watching so much Channing Tatum," to which I replied "you are too deployed to tell me what movies to watch!" =)

4) I explained to the girls briefly how the Olympics works. Athletes from each country compete to see who is the fastest from that country, then all the fastest (we were talking about runners) from each country all get together to find out who is the fastest in the world. It takes lots and lots and LOTS of practice. Upon hearing that, Bree jumped up from where she was coloring and started running laps around the couch. This girl, whose legs get "so sore" when she is asked to carry in things from the car, spent a good half hour running at full speed around the living room. So funny!

5) Next week is Tinkerbell Dance Camp for Bree. It's our last scheduled activity of the summer.

6) We talked to Paul yesterday and he is well. Heaven (and the USMC) only knows what he's doing, but there are different people involved and his job is different. He does still have to go potty in a bag. He's been taking some free online college courses, sociology and finance so far, which don't give him credits, but do give him something to think about in his time off.

7) I'm proud to announce that I can more or less fit into my first wave of clothes moving down the line to my goal. I'm now *only* two sizes bigger than normal. Spin, boot camp, lots of box jumps and kettlebell swings are on the agenda for this week in hopes that I can hop down another size this month. Getting there! OH so slowly, but it's happening. =)

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Our Family of Four said...

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