Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our Week in Review

Sunday night - I should be in bed because tomorrow we begin our getting-ready-for-school weekday routine, but the Olympics are on! And it's swimming and gymnastics! We need the four week lead more for me than for the girls - I have REALLY been enjoying my lazy mornings, which owe their existence to Carly's enthusiasm for pouring cereal and my granting the girls unrestricted access to paper grocery bags and our extensive collection of art supplies. Katie is up to eat around 5 but she snuggles right back down and I've been dozing back with her...well, that loveliness has to end tomorrow. Sad me. Sad and sleepy me. =)

So yeah! Speaking of my prolific little artistes...I finally finally photographed the towering stacks of drawings we had laying around the house, hoarders-style. I can't bear to just throw them out, so I snapped a picture of every single one, making a pit stop for Dramamine because going back and forth was making me motion sick. They'll be uploaded to what-used-to-be-Kodak-Gallery and will emerge as photo books. Much neater than hundreds of pieces of paper everywhere and I can still appease my sentimental side...

because really, could YOU just toss out a picture like this one??? It's Bree's, drawing all of us at the park. A spider got on Katie's blanket and we were all making mean faces at it (Carly even had super mean red crazy laser eyes) to make it go away, but because it was so short it didn't see our faces and it was still happy to dance on the blanket...can you see its little smile?

Just chillin in the floatie...she's still a little short for it, so I hold the sling up.

And we found a PINK LADYBUG.
Feel free to dance around and almost hyperventilate...oh wait, that's only at our house? Ok...

Picking up Bree from camp on her last day! I took a video of their dance on show day, but since Bree cried through it (again!!!) we'll just skip that.

Friday we went swimming with friends and I forgot to take any pictures!
That afternoon we went to feed the turtles in the little canal in our neighborhood, only to find out yesterday that the rumors about the alligator living in there are TRUE. Um, and I had my kids throwing bread in from two feet above the water...scary!

I have NO idea what our plans are past breakfast time tomorrow...that is weird.

Paul is well - he shaved his head because he was, in his own words, "tired of looking like Chewbaca." He looks so cute. =)

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