Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Week =)

Our week was crazy-busy, but overall good!
We started our day with tennis for Carly, then both girls had swim. We ran lots of errands during tennis because it was an hour and a half, and then lots of errands after swim lessons were over. For some reason, we just had a million things to take care of. Here were a few less-crazy moments...please excuse my brother's hairy knee in this photo from Monday. =)
Love this - such sweet little clones.
So, okay, I loved having the meals that people brought us after Katie was born. It was so super easy to just warm something up and dinner was done! I decided to replicate that by doing the once a month cooking plan from this website. We did end up having to go to Whole Foods, and we were pleasantly surprised to find local, pastured beef AND pork as well as the veggie-fed cage-free frozen chicken breasts we practically lived off of when we were in Baton Rouge. I filled up this cooler and had a bag or two with a few extra things (couldn't pass up the funky striped heirloom tomatoes!) and stayed under budget. Granted, my budget was quite generous, but it was realistic. Buying happy meat is an investment for sure, but one I am more than happy to make.
This is one of the calmer moments of cooking craziness! I had about four things going at once while some bars and sauces were cooling on the bar.
The final product! As you can see, we don't have just a ton of freezer space, but I've got zucchini pizza casserole, pasta primavera, jambalaya, teriyaki beef, barbecue chicken, these funny little grated cauliflower muffin things, breakfast granola bars, the insides of thai chicken wraps, and zucchini and corn quesadillas....that is a LOT of food!!! Hidden in there, too, is some raspberry glaze for the pork chops...I was up entirely too late last night/this morning, but I think it will be worth it!
Whoops out of order! Our super happy little go-go girl!
This was on Facebook, but the story is so funny. Carly was showing her big muscles while we waited for Bree's swimming lesson. Carly's teacher had asked her not to swim all during Bree's lesson so that Carly would have energy for her own lesson! =) We just signed Carly up for the developmental team, which meets two nights a we'll be seeing a lot more of this pool!

And now this morning!
Bree loves her homework!
Carly was up with me for a few hours last night so she is one exhausted girl! She's upstairs sleeping it off right now. =)

We just talked to Paul! Katie is fighting a nap and Bree is playing with's nice to have a day at home, not doing too much and just hanging out. This is definitely not the norm for us (nor could it EVER be, we'd all go nuts), but it's a nice refresher. =)

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