Thursday, July 05, 2012

Kayaking, etc

Carly has been asking to go kayaking pretty much since we moved here. Unfortunately for her, I get horribly seasick and I couldn't take her. But! Amanda mentioned while we were driving back to the house one day, that she loved kayaking so I pulled right into to the surf shop and got them signed up for a half day adventure the day after Carly's birthday.

Waiting for the guy to get down to the tent with all the stuff

Amanda set the alarm on her phone so we didn't miss the dropoff time...which ended up being unnecessary because after paddling out to an island, exploring, and floating around in the sound for a while, she and Carly were ready to come back a little early.

And they're off!!! They had a GREAT time!

Bree had her choice of activities for the morning and she chose to go hiking. She picked which direction we would go at each intersection in the path and ran down all the hills. It was pretty steamy in the woods, but we had a fun time, too!

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