Thursday, July 05, 2012


Moments I didn't want to forget...from the Thursday and Friday before Carly's birthday and the early morning of...

Lunch was cranky-curing pizzas. Yes, that is a cupcake hat on a 90-degree day. It's Bree - we should just expect this sort of awesomeness by now....we went to the gym in the morning and this is precisely what she wore. =)

Making pizzas reminded us that fruit pizza is great and hey we had almost everything we needed for it. So we made one...and ate it while it was still warm. Yes, I'm wearing sunglasses inside. No mascara...we should also be expecting THIS by now.

Goofball baby on the morning of Carly's birthday! She makes this face and we think she's trying to laugh - it's hysterical! She's going to fit in juuuust fine around here.


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Our Family of Four said...

Oh my gosh that last photo of Katie = LOVE!