Sunday, July 08, 2012

Game Night and a Meeting!

I'm all about going out of order these days, so THIS is the game we played. I usually ignore the age limits at the bottom, having never really come across an issue with the kids not being able to keep up before...this is probably because I end up "helping" them. In the case of this game, though, speed is basically the only thing you need, and it's simply not fast when I'm reminding Carly to keep three cards in her hands and asking Bree if she has a 2 or a 4 and then telling her where to put the card. We hadn't made it to the second round before Bree had found the calculator and started playing it...then she got up and said "Okay, well you just ask the questions and you can look on my cards and just tell me if I won" and started walking around the table telling stories to herself.

The game is fun. It is probably much more fun when you play it with kids 8+ years it says on the box...

So, okay, moving backward, we had our first official family meeting tonight, too. Daddy dolls were present and accounted for and I took minutes. YES I DID. I think that part will take a little tweaking, but we discussed our favorite and least favorite moments of the week, our schedules for next week, one goal each (ex: Carly will read 40 minutes a day and Katie will do tummy time 15 minutes a day), and then we each noticed out loud one good thing about each person at the table.

I chose to close with this because I love affirmation so much you'd think I came up with it myself, and also because I think it's good practice for the kids to say nice things to one another. So the next time I'm hissing "we use kind words in this house" through clenched teeth (hey, it's better than yelling, right?), maybe they will know what I mean. Maybe? I can only hope.

Moving further back in time, this is what our morning looked like. We said goodbye to Auntie K, sadly, then the girls played for a little while, we did history and Bree's reading lesson, we worked out and read some more, then we tried to go to the neighborhood pool. It was WAY to hot for me and Katie so we came back and hung in the rest of the afternoon, watching Indiana Jones and covering our eyes at the scary parts. Of course Blogger is being ridiculous and refusing to post any more photos...maybe later. =)

Bree had to get a picture of the first time anyone played with that awesome gear set without parental intervention since we got the darn thing at Christmas.

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