Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Katie at Two Months

Sleeps: wonderfully, once she falls asleep. She sleeps in my room, either in the bassinet or with me (far from pillows and blankets, don't worry!). We don't have much of a routine during the day because each day is so different, but she generally falls asleep for the night around 8pm. I carry her while I'm walking around putting the house to bed after the big girls have gone to sleep, and that motion soothes her better than any other. She'll usually give me a solid six hours, then is up for a snack around 2am and again around 6. She'll go back to sleep for another couple of hours after that and then all bets are off for the daytime. Lately she's been taking a little catnap in the swing at the gym childcare, but otherwise she'll sleep in the Ergo, and if she's not in that lovely piece of engineering magic, she's awake.

Eats: At Mom's. She will take a bottle from me if it's the perfect temperature and if it is fresh, not frozen. She must be like me in that frozen food products are not her favorite. I really have no way of knowing, but if I had to guess, I'd say she takes about 4-6oz? Maybe? Six to eight times a day. When she starts chewing on her hands, I know it's time for her to eat...I was so scheduled with Bree, I can imagine 2008 Liz dying a thousand deaths at my laissez faire approach to feeding this kiddo. =)

Clothes: She's completely out of 0-3 month things, wearing all 3 months or 3-6 months. She's a big girl! She's even out of her newborn socks and into the bigger ones.

Stats: Baby girl weighs in at 12lb 11oz, which is the 90th percentile and she's 23.5 inches long, which is the 87th percentile. She got a thumbs-up from her doctor and everything is on track.

Likes: baths, her sisters, the swing at the gym, movement of any kind, her playmat, hitting rattles, when the girls speak softly to her, talking to Mommy, the fan in my room

Dislikes: falling asleep!!!!, her carseat, being woken up, being put down for any reason at any time outside the first hour of the day, loud noises

New this Month: Her newborn acne has disappeared and along with it the rest of her swelling from being born, to be replaced by a pretty serious case of cradle cap. She smiles a LOT and talks and coos to us, especially first thing in the morning. She's also discovered how to bat the rattles on her playmat and bouncy seat and will do that for almost twenty minutes at a time - she concentrates so hard! She likes to sit on my lap when I read to Bree and she stares hard at the pages.

We're all getting used to having three kiddos in the house - so far big sisters are doing awesome and are so loving and sweet toward their baby. I am so proud of them! Carly is such a responsible helper and Bree is just so loving...sometimes too loving. Bree does enjoy being right-in-Katie's-face and always prefers to be able to see what the Katester is up to.

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Expat Girl said...

How is she two months already?! I feel like I was just reading your posts as you were in your last few days waiting for her...I hope the next two months go by as quickly for me so that I can have a newborn!!