Saturday, June 09, 2012

You Know What Today Is?

Many things. Namely:

1) Katie Claire's one month birthday.

2) The first time she smiled. It is every bit as adorable as I expected.

3) The day I forgot to take any pictures at all even though we:
       a) Went to the jumpy place with friends and had a great time.
       b) Had our once-a-week meal out at Olive Garden and had a great time.
       c) Picked up the last few things on the list for Carly's campout this week.
       d) Had a cool dance party to trippy music on Spotify.

4) The day after Kelly is hosting a kitchen home tour with which I will not be participating.

5) The day I realized that, unless Kelly hosts a "best things within half a mile of your house" linky party as part of our home tour thus giving me an opportunity to showcase the cool stuff around our casa, there's really not any part of my home that I feel like sharing. That is sad. I mean, sort of sad. We do have a beach. =)

6) A great Skype day!

7) The day I'm going to bed at 8:15 instead of doing what I normally do during Katie's long stretch of sleep (until 11:30) which falls into two categories:
        a) Waste time fighting with Pinterest or reading blogs about other people's gorgeous homes.
        b) Cleaning up my own little abode which makes for a happier morning.

The end.
How was your Saturday?

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