Monday, June 11, 2012

Katie at One Month

I've got a pattern with these One Month Birthday posts...they're always late by a few days (or, in Carly's case, eleven months, because I didn't start this bloggy until then). So...without any apology's our Katie Bug at one month old.

For comparison, here she is with her Daddy Doll at one week...

At one month, Katie Claire:

Sleeps: fabulously, most of the time. She does not like falling asleep, but once she's out, she's out. She is up two or three times in the night but for the most part will settle right back down. During the day, she is awake for a couple of 90-minute stretches but is otherwise snoozing. She wriggles out of the swaddle, so she just wears an extra layer at night.

Eats: At Mom's. =) I remember feeling a little self-conscious nursing Carly in public, less so with Bree and now with Katie, and maybe this is just out of necessity because my life is crazy, I just do not care. If the baby is hungry in the middle of Target, we're going to sit down in the little cafe and girlfriend is going to eat. Children's museum, library, post office, playground, beach, movie theater, nail place, pool, bank...her dining surroundings are almost as varied as Anthony Bourdain's.

She's an efficient eater, taking 5-10 minutes to finish. I know from pumping that each side holds about 4oz (!) so my guess would be she takes about that during five or six feedings a day and closer to 6oz if she's waking up from a particularly long nap. She eats at 8, 11:30, 3:30 and 5:30 during the nighttime and every 2-3 hours during the day. We haven't really fallen into a daytime schedule just yet, and honestly that might not happen until school starts again.

Clothes: 0-3 month dresses still fit (anything with pants is too small) and she's comfortably into her stack of 3mo onesies with a little room to grow.

Stats: I don't know! She's definitely bigger, though. =)

Likes: being outside, her sisters, bath time, eating, her playmat, when anyone sings to her

Dislikes: being buckled up in her carseat, resting with her face directly on my skin, being put down at any time, being woken up

New this Month: Well, considering it's her first month of life, everything is new. But, in addition to, you know...breathing, we've also spied a smile or two. She also found her hands and can kick out of a swaddle really fast. Her eyes are still dark blue and she's still got baby acne. Her newborn hair is starting to fall out, making her little head look like she has a receding hairline.

Paul has gotten to see her on Skype several times, which is so nice for all of us! We love, love, love this little baby and I finally feel like our family is all here. Before we knew she was on her way, it always felt like we were missing someone but now, all we miss is Daddy because Katie completes us.


KKGhoffman said...

I am glad to hear Breast-feeding is going good. And man she is grow a lot in a month. SO cute!!

Mommy3 said...

Love this post and those last sentences are beautiful! Cherish these baby days...they go by way faster the third time around. I look back fondly at last summer when Sarah was teeny. Now she is everywhere and getting less baby and more toddler by the day!