Friday, June 08, 2012

Lack of Ridiculousness

I'm pretty sure my sense of humor is dying. Either that or my life is just significantly less exciting than it used to be...I just don't have the crazy stories.

Well, okay, that's a total lie. This afternoon after I'd chased Bree all over the aquarium and Carly came home from school early being that it was the last day and all, I stuck them on the back deck with some paints and paper and set the timer for fifteen minutes so I could clean my bathroom. The babes was asleep in her bouncy seat. So I clean the bathroom which we somehow all use to the exclusion of the two other bathrooms in the house and I come out to find this:

And you know what I notice? That fact that my geraniums are STILL BLOOMING. It's a miracle.

Well okay, no, I notice the spectacular mess. The entire jar of glitter that was accidentally spilled gleefully tossed in the breeze out there hardly shows up, but believe me, our deck was quite enthusiastic. Ooh, I'm having fun with font effects today.

Anyway, that was it for hilarity. We did the pool instead of the beach (it's awesome to be able to say YES when they ask for something!), then the Friday Free Flicks at the rec center. So fun!

We've got stuff planned all weekend and I'm going to be better about photos, because summertime is officially HERE and I'm super excited about that. Must record the awesome...and maybe I'll catch some funny in there, too. =)

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KKGhoffman said...

haha I love it hey but at least they had there bathing suits on :)