Thursday, June 07, 2012

Thankful Thursday

There's a page I found a while back and never really linked up with, but I figured today was a good day. I'm basically copying a friend of mine...I've noticed that most of my greatest ideas were actually someone else's idea first, but honestly, considering all the hundreds of other-people's-ideas I come across on a daily basis, I'm going to consider it a positive character trait that I'm able to sift through all of them and just pick the very best ones to flat out steal and make my own. We're all good at different things.

That works for me! =)


This list could get rather long, so we'll manage it into things that had a particular impact on my life today, this exact day:

I am thankful for my studly husband, who was out doing patrols for something like twenty hours and still took the time to send me the email I asked for a week ago. I love seeing his words and being able to read them over and over.

I am thankful for our quiet neighborhood and the older set of folks who have come out of the woodwork to stop by and talk to us and offer their help once word got around about Paul being at long work. It makes this feel so much more like a place we live and not just where we get our mail.

I am thankful for Carly's awesome first grade teacher and the community of involved parents at her school.

I am thankful for the impossibly perfect weather we've been enjoying lately.

I am ever so thankful that my older two girls just adore the living daylights out of "their" baby. It's true that I have to be Hovercraft Mom to make sure our Katie Bug isn't being served whole wheat Saltines while my back is turned, but it's worth it. As shown below...most of the little girls in Carly's class love that baby, too. =)

I am thankful for Penelope Piano (named by Carly) and the fact that she got tuned up today. Our piano tuner spent the last 30 minutes of his visit tweaking his tune job by playing old Southern Baptis stand-bys like "Majesty" and "The Old Rugged Cross" which really brought back some memories. Even though I haven't been in a Baptist church since, gosh, maybe 2003??? I still knew all the words. Penelope originally belonged to my great-grandmother after whom I am (sort of) named, and it was nice to think about the number of times those keys have played the songs we heard today. (Don't worry about the brevity of Carly's dress - there's a swimsuit underneath! Um, and yes, Bree changed into pajamas at 3pm. I couldn't tell you why.)

I am thankful for Skype.

I am thankful for friends who are able to keep it real in a kind way...that's a talent not afforded to many and is so, so, so appreciated.

And finally? I am thankful for Alamos Chardonnay being on sale last week, because being outnumbered three to one can be a lot to handle. I'm just saying. =)

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