Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Our Day

MAN, I love summertime on this island. At this very moment, our very favorite band is playing at a restaurant in the shopping center next to our neighborhood. Due to the fact that they are playing on the outside patio across a canal, we can hear them clearly. All my windows are open and aside from missing Paul like crazy, it's pretty awesome. Big Drink was the soundtrack of our summer last year - love them!
Here's Carly on her last Wednesday as a first grader, getting ready to hop out of the car at carpool.

It's been the requisite six months since everyone else found out about Spotify, so I finally got on today and wow! It's super fun! Bree and I played the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. Paul is gone and Twilight is just the cheesy, sweeping, hearts and flowers love story I like. I'm not into Nicholas Sparks, mostly because I'm not into reading the same exact story over and over again with different locations and names and terminal illnesses, but good old Twilight never fails. I really need to find another epic love story...and am open to suggestions. Anyway, Bree really loved the "Flightless Bird" track and danced to it over and over. I have a great video of her dancing and I'm going to try and get Blogger to accept it. As for now, here's my pretty ballerina. She has great musicality. =)

These are my favorite baby jammies. It's a little too early for the comparison photos, but this is how the Katester spent her morning. Sleeping, listening to the rain and just being too cozy for words. She still has a few days until her one month birthday, but today is four weeks. When Bree was four weeks old, we were camped out at Granny's house due to a hurricane. When Carly was four weeks, Paul was in the field (I think) working up to his first deployment.

Perhaps the highlight of my week...finding THIS in the mail along with the sequel from Mrs Gentry (see sidebar). What a perfect and wonderful surprise! Big Drink just now this very second finished up their show, so I'm going to take myself into my room and read during the last couple of hours of Katie's "long stretch" when I technically should be sleeping myself, but never actually do because of housework or the need to just be alone or awesome and unexpected distractions like this. Small claps! So happy!

Oh hey oops, this was out of order. Listen, sometimes you just can't wait for the wine to chill. This was me yesterday and, sadly, again today. I gave the kids juice boxes and we sat outside and sipped our special beverages. The only rule was that no one was allowed to ask me any questions at all and the only things we were allowed to say were compliments to one another. It got really funny as we tried to come up with the most trivial things to say. Bree told me she liked how I had enough toenails for all of my toes...and that I was doing a really good job about because of that. =) I actually think the compliment game is a keeper. It got the kids giggling and silly, and pointing out positives puts you in a good mood pretty much any time.

Wine doesn't hurt, either. =)

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