Sunday, June 17, 2012


It's Father's Day! We got to tell Paul HFD over the phone this afternoon, which was so nice for us, but we'd all rather he were here.

To celebrate, we paired up with some of our friends whose dad is at long work, too. He's not in the same place as Paul, and their Marine is headed home not too long from now, but until he gets back they are our partners in crime headed out every weekend for new adventures!

Yesterday we all went to the blueberry festival in a nearby town (I got only one cotton candy photo! Sorry!) and then today we met at the base pool near their house. We had a GREAT afternoon! It was absolutely beautiful with a light breeze and not too hot. Happy friends!

SUCH big girls, all grown up lounging on the poolside chairs.

Bree split our time at the pool about evenly between playing in the awesome zero-entry pool, and dancing around on the pooldeck and snacking. Here she is dancing and singing in our friend's baby's floatie which we were not allowed to use in the pool. She's so funny. =)

And Katie and her big fat cheeks slept the ENTIRE time we were there. All three and a half hours! That long fabulous nap made (is making) bedtime a little rocky but being outside in the warmth just knocks her right out. =)

Carly's busy week caught up to her tonight and she's feeling a little under the weather. I'm keeping her home from VBS in the morning so she can get a solid dose of TLC and some rest; that's probably all she needs to feel better.

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