Friday, June 15, 2012

She's Back!

Camp was a raging success.

I was reminded as I rounded a tree and came into Carly's sight that she's still a little girl, though. By the time she got to me, there were tears in her eyes and she hasn't left my side since we arrived home. I remember before Katie Claire was born, that I'd see Bree and think to myself that Bree was still tiny, almost like a mommy consolation not to worry because my littlest was still little. And now, when Katie looks like a giant to me, I'll look at pictures of babies older than her and tell myself that "look, they're still little even at six months, you have time." I can guarantee that when Katie is six-almost-seven I'll be telling myself she's still little...and I just today realized Carly is still little now, as hard as it is to see when she does Great Big Girl things like sleep away two nights and beg to go back for a full week and I've got two smaller kiddos in the house.

She's super glad to be home (not as glad as I am, but that will probably always be true.), but she was able to do tons of cool stuff, like go in a canoe, make s'mores, go swimming (twice!), play games, learn lots of goofy songs, have a dance party and wear neon shorts among lots of other things.

This is Carly's lead counselor, camp-named Key Lime. She told us she'd never had key lime pie before, which, although funny given the name she chose, was a tragedy that could not allowed to continue. So we made one this morning and brought it up there for her. Lucky for me this particular pie takes exactly twenty-five minutes if you cheat and use a pre-made crust like I did. =)

The next picture is the whole Cabin Two crew, doing their skit for us. Bree was standing just outside the frame of this picture copying their moves and doing her level best to steal the show. When that didn't work (sometimes it's not about the Leo), she went and danced around the flag pole and sat on a bench telling stories to the stuffed dog she brought. Katie slept the whole time. Carly made her a countdown page for when she gets to go to summer camp. =)
Stay tuned for the pictures from Carly's disposable cameras...

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