Monday, June 04, 2012


We dropped off our Crazy Daisies in the magical forest and we picked up some Beautiful Brownies!
I'm super excited for the adventures we'll have next year...and also glad to wrap up this year. We have been BUSY, but it has been absolutely worth every minute. I love that Carly and I share this. Plus we get to hang out with eight other amazing kiddos and do all sorts of cool adventures! Yay!
This past weekend, we went to the Children's Museum of Wilmington where we had gone with the girl scouts in February. Carly found the plant she put in this bed and it is happy and thriving. Such a proud plant mama! Maybe there is hope for her horticultural skills yet. 

Here she is playing with a worm she found in the garden the day she planted her little petunia.

Okay and WOW. This is Carly at our first Daisy event last October. Part of it is her hairstyle but she looks like such a little girl here! I love this picture.

And then this was taken after the ceremony when we were hanging out talking with one of our co-leaders. This little girl's stepdad just got home a few weeks ago...and her mom had a baby during the deployment. They basically did exactly what we're doing just minus the middle sibling.

Such funny friends!

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