Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On Keeping It Real

I just posted this on Facebook, but I'm practically immobilized with embarrassment right now, so I'm posting it AGAIN. In another format. With more cringe-inducing details.

We met a neighbor last week. She's an older lady with a big perfect house and perfect yard. She has two jobs because she doesn't like sitting around. She's awesome.

Well, she invited us to VBS today, which was great, BUT she came into my home and my home was a disaster. I was a disaster. There was stuff everywhere because I'd been upstairs trying to clean the carpet for the five millionth time this month. The girls had been doing homework, so the table is covered with stuff, there are blankets and pillows and naked Barbirs and FREAKING GLITTER all over the floor, contraband water cups on the fireplace and end tables, random feathers and plastic jewels, camping equipment unpacked and strewn...both kids have Nutella mustaches (note to self: not buying that stuff for a while) and are wearing crazy outfits with unbrushed hair....it's not a cozy lived-in mess. It's...ugh. I die, and not Rachel Zoe style.

Plus I put the trash out on the porch last night for the trash guy this morning and forgot it so it's still right there and she had to step around it to get inside.

And our petunias are crispy from the afternoon sun.

Oh and also, I'm dressed for cleaning the house, no makeup, hair that hasn't been brushed, just tossed up in a messy pony with, oh goodness gracious, the girls are notorious for leaving their clips everywhere and I've been sticking them in my hair. MY GOSH. I'm so embarrassed, I would crawl under the table but there's a blob of peanut butter and what looks like a stack of leaves already under there, so I'll just sit here and die a few hundred more times while the baby sleeps off her enormous breakfast.

Lovely. You can tell we don't get a lot of drop-in company but apparently I need to get on my game more and prepare for that kind of thing.

Oh my WORD. My face is still red.


Our Family of Four said...

Oh man I hate it when that happens! I too have been caught with the random little girl hairclip in totally forgetting and answering the door. But I say who cares! You don't really want to be that perfect. I mean really, can she be having any fun or loving on 3 kids while being perfect. Still... that does suck.

Emily said...

I just deleted a very long ranty comment about how the lady should've called first, knowing your current status, OR should've just stayed on your doorstep rather than accepting an invitation to come in.

Don't feel bad. I know she was trying to do something nice, but that is kind of poor manners to put a currently single-parenting new baby mom of 3 in that position. And all girls too, holy estrogen. I'm sweating just thinking about that. She would've done best to just ring the doorbell and insist on not coming in. Who on earth would expect you to have a clean house?

Oops, I'm starting to rant again.

Don't feel bad!