Monday, June 25, 2012

Game Night

This is not a picture of our game closet, but it's pretty close to what the top shelves of the closet in our entryway look like. We have the Disney princess Yahtzee, though, and our Monopoly is the Wild Animalopoly version.

Last night was our inaugural Family Game Night. Overall, it went great! We included the daddy dolls, because you can't call it Family Game Night if all members of the family are not present and accounted for...even in pillow form. We only had to consult Google one time for rule clarification and Bree smoked us in Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders and Animalopoly. By the time Animalopoly was fi-na-lly over (that game does take a sweet forever!), Bree was so over it that Carly and I and all our mortgaged animals had to tell her she'd won. She was like, "I won? Oh yay! Does that mean this game is done?"


Today I dragged everyone out of the house for an 8am spin class. All the girls did great in the childcare room while I got my sweat on. Then we hit the beach with one of my friends and her trio of kiddos. It was a little nuts but the kids had a good time, and I got in some excellent practice for my second career as a sherpa. I love that Carly and Bree can pretty much be trusted not to get too far into the surf and I can stay in the shade with Katie watching them. I do miss playing with them, though. In time, in time. Next summer I'll be chasing our newest daredevil away from the waves. =)

Tonight is a battalion dinner at a local Chick Fil A (love that place) and tomorrow we have a playdate, then picking up a friend of mine at the airport!!! Beeda is coming here! Can't wait. =)

At some point we'll have a day where we do nothing, but I don't know when that will be...

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