Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yay for Weekends!

We've had a busy and fun weekend...but then again, we have a busy and usually fun, All-The-Time, too, so I guess it's not too much different from normal!

Friday, the girls got their hair cut OFF and celebrated by playing in the big mud puddle in the weird overgrown mess by the side of our yard. I was actually on the phone with Paul (yay!!!) while I was taking this picture. You can see what my neighbor and I call the Amazon right there behind them...there is this huge wad of Virginia creeper growing up the tree that Paul swears is poison ivy. But it's not, of course, being that it is, you know...Virginia creeper. Annoying and ugly? Yes. Poisonous? No. =)

Bree's swim lesson was first, so we ran home to grab our dinner and change clothes before going to see Brave on Friday night (more on that later). Bree did NOT wear the witch hat to the movies, only to inspect the supply closet at the pool and also to the grocery store to pick up our food order this morning. =)

Saturday morning marked my first day on the Whole 30 Challenge. I'm copying my friend Michelle, and please don't anyone go to that website, freak out, and come back yelling at me for not eating grains, beans, or dairy while I'm nursing. I get tons of protein and fat and way more micronutrients eating this way than I do using all those calories on pasta and rice. Here the big girls are entertaining Katie in one of my favorite spots in the house while I cooked our breakfast...veggie omelets, nitrate-free bacon and blueberries! Yum!

We spent the rest of Saturday at the bounce house place and cleaning up our own house.
This morning we were at the pool in our neighborhood by 8:30am. We went to pick up our grocery order then drove up to that fabulous zero-entry pool on base. Bree is wearing her blueberry snack as well as an impressive bruise on her schnauz (sp?) from a face plant on the pool floor.

Katie in just her swim diaper right before our pool day got rained out. Love my fat babies!!! And just so you know, it is no easy thing taking an iphone picture of a baby on your lap. =)

So, that was our weekend...there are still four hours left of it, and even though I hate to turn down a request for hiking, I'm thinking a restful evening inside is more what we need. We'll see. The word "restful" is rarely applicable where my children are involved. =)

Our next week promises to be pretty great, too, the highlight of which is a visit from one of our most favoritest people! Yay!

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Our Family of Four said...

Seriously?! You cannot copy me WITHOUT TELLING ME! Is it not obvious I could use a little support here based on my total failure on the blog? Sheesh. You're lucky I know you are crazy busy or there'd be trouble! So you have to keep me posted how you are fairing. I made a months worth of meal plans yesterday to keep me on track. Now if only I could get yummy things like blueberries and strawberries I might be more successful. Aw who am I kidding... it would help, sure, but I haven't had the right mindset yet. But hey the last 2 days I've been on track and it's gotta work one of these days right - RIGHT!