Saturday, June 02, 2012

Being Here, Now

We had a bit of a tough week.

We also just got home from an eleven-hour day, running errands and spending four awesome hours at the children's museum with good friends. Okay, technically it was three-and-three-quarters awesome hours and fifteen minutes of Bree crying because of you-name-it and our friends' middle child crying because of potty issues. That's a pretty good ratio, I think. =)

Tomorrow we have more errands, a birthday party and a bridging ceremony.

I missed Paul's phone call today because I was playing pirates with Bree on this big pirate ship replica at the museum.

I have approximately eight million things to do tonight once I wrangle the big girls to bed and because she spent most of the day asleep, there's a good chance my sweet baby girl is going to repeat her performance from last night, not settling down at all, all night.

But here? Now?

My big girls are taking a shower in my bathroom five feet away, playing with their Littlest Pet Shops that inevitably escape the toy bucket and try to trip me up and break my neck each time I take a shower. The tiny animals are singing songs to one another about big adventures and how cool Whole Foods is.

My squishy three and a half week old baby just had a glorious dinner and is passed out, milk-drunk as a skunk on my chest dreaming of dessert.

It's easy to be here right now. It's cozy and calm.

*ten minutes later*

Not as easy. Carly was stomping upstairs because she and her sister lost their shows due to not obeying. She was yelling something about how the end of the day is always horrible. Bree was crying because I don't know how to make sushi. The baby was still asleep, but about to have to be in her cool bouncy seat while I fed the older two.

It sucked being there right then, if I were to be honest. It was annoying and exhausting.

My next goal is, if I can't avoid the annoying and exhausting stuff, is to try to selectively forget those parts so that I don't let the a&e dissipate the cozy and calm quite so easily. It's quite a bit later and I'm still aggravated. Gr! hahahahah I guess it's a good thing I can take out my angst on some housework. =)

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