Saturday, May 05, 2012

Strawberries! we went to Southeast Farms and both my friend and I had some serious doubts about the place when we first drove up. There's a dilapidated farmhouse, all closed up, tons of empty beehives stacked everywhere, a couple of refrigerated trucks just hanging out, sheds full of random stuff, was a tad scary. I heard banjos.

Terra, being funny. This was the point we decided we probably weren't going to be killed or anything so we'd give it a shot. This is her "yeah, we're parents of the year" thumbs-up with some of the more, um...charming elements of the farm on display in the background.

So we made our way over a little bridge to the fields where we saw a couple of families that looked like us, and we felt a little better about our choice. =)
Here's me LARGE and significantly less grouchy than last night.

Out of order sweet midair shot of my favorite little chicken chaser. =)
The girls did a GREAT job picking strawberries!!! They each ate easily as many as they picked but that's all part of the fun. We had such a great time out there - despite our earlier hesitation.
Okay Blogger is doing that silly thing where it's pretending like it doesn't see me trying to upload more photos...what I want to show you is the owners. They are a terribly sweet older couple who also happened to be the bee experts for that movie The Secret Life of Bees...the husband was telling us all about turkey shooting and the full moon -it was great. Their blueberries will be ripe in a few weeks and I'm pretty sure we'll be back, rusty tractors and random dairy trucks notwithstanding. =)

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