Monday, May 07, 2012

Truer Words...

I keep seeing the boy definition...and it is adorable. A noise with dirt on it! LOVE that! But, I don't have boys, I have girls. And I thought that they and their sisters deserved a little funny definition of their own...yay for Paint! =)

Today was a little crazy. I went up for an appointment, only to be rescheduled a couple of times due to staffing and emergency issues. I did spend some time at Navy Relief and actually did get two really good cases, which hasn't been the norm for me lately, so it worked out. I helped some people and got my mileage paid for. Meanwhile, Bree was with MomMom and PopPop. They had breakfast at the hotel, played on the beach, played in the pool, played at the house and generally had a great time wearing one another out.

Poor Bree was living in meltdown-land all night from sheer exhaustion. Carly was doing okay, but wanted to go to Quizno's for school spirit night, so we sent my inlaws out to a great little restaurant here on the island for some grownup time while the girls and I went to support Carly's school. We stopped to get a pineapple at the grocery store and then just barely got the kids in bed before they lost their minds completely. It's hard being a little kid with all this stuff going on!

So, clearly, still no baby. That's what the pineapple is for. And tomorrow, I'm going to beg and plead for my midwife to do one of their little magic tricks to get things started. It worked for Carly and she was three weeks early (I was bad at math in those days...) so I'm holding out hope that it will work for this little peanut. It's not that I'm all that uncomfortable or in all that much of a hurry to just not be pregnant anymore - I love it actually and since this is my last one, I'm not so worried about getting it over with.

 It's just that:
1) Logistically, having my fabulous inlaws here to handle things makes everything a million times easier for me, and,

2) I need Paul to stop worrying about us and get his head in the game. Not that I think he's distracted and not doing a good job, but seriously. He knows when he's gone that I've got things handled over here so he doesn't have to think about it, and right now that is not the case. It's hard. We're both like, "don't worry about me!" and then we're both like, "that's ridiculous!" =)

Anyway, that is all for now! Hopefully I'll have lovely news and adorable pictures to share with you next time!

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