Saturday, May 05, 2012

Not Yet! And A List

Here are some things that are happening today:

1) My children are acting like total maniacs. This is because they are very small and have lots of things going on in their lives. Lots of BIG things.

2) We are going to pick strawberries with friends in a couple of hours. I'm hoping the interaction and physical activity and me not doing other things will help them calm down a little.

3) Carly is having an extremely hard time behaviorally. I know it's against the Good Mom rules to really talk about stuff like this before a solution has been reached, implemented, and found successful, but that's where we are right now. Of course I will figure it out, but in the meantime all the stomping and crying and getting notes home because of being ugly to friends is rough. See #1. As an upside, I'm getting ready for her going through middle school with all the talking back and running off sobbing.

4) So far we've cleaned the floors and stripped the beds. Next is bathrooms. The goal for today is to go into labor and have this baby so I have reinforcements here in case she follows her sisters' footsteps and needs to go back in for bili light treatment.

4.5) I'm pretty sure I've earned a PhD in logistics for the plans we have in place.

5) Paul posted some pictures onto the battery Facebook page and he looks GREAT!

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Our Family of Four said...

I know you already know this but Carly is just having a few aches and pains over the changes and your sweet girl will be back soon enough. Trust me - Max was a COMPLETE and I do me over the top, pain in the behind, for around 6 months after we moved here. Once he got settled in the house and made a few friends my little boy came back. While I know you know this sometimes it's nice to hear your not alone and that your princess will return to the castle. However being 9 months pregnant you may want to choke me. In which case just delete this note and we'll pretend it never happened!