Saturday, April 07, 2012

Oh hi! What We've Been Doing...

...lots of nothing.

Also this one pair of jeans don't really fit me so well any more. Not because of my gigantic lovely belly, but my big fat having-the-baby-won't-help-much behind. There is a very good chance the handful of jellybeans I just ate isn't going to do me many favors, either. =)

Anyway -

I'll put up a photo of my AMAZING hair tomorrow. Paul's aunt spoils me completely rotten and it's her gift to us. I say us because I'm totally shallow and vain and pretty hair makes me happy. Hilarious note: I'm a terrible liar. Paul's mom had this whole thing going when he was coming into the room like we were pretending he couldn't hear - talking about how it was good that I got a family discount and $225 really isn't bad at all considering I got three colors, a gloss and a cut (truly - that would be a bargain considering where I was and how talented Paul's aunt is at what she does)....and I couldn't keep a straight face. Of course Paul, having zero sense of humor about monetary issues, was mad for like an hour AFTER we told him we were joking. Oh Paul. His face was freaking priceless, temper tantrum and all.

Okay and finally? After all this time and all the endless magazine articles and blog posts about how moms should support one another and not judge, it blows my mind that sometimes normally-reasonable grown up people can still call other ugly names (nutso? honestly???) for making different choices for their kids. The particular instance I'm referring to was about whether or not kids ever deserved an explanation for why they were being asked to do, or not do, something. I understand that not everyone thinks that is necessary, but I wouldn't dream of calling those with a viewpoint that includes "questioning authority" as one of the worst things your kid could end up doing, not one of the more desirable things (hello! I have girls!) anything like "dictatorial nutsos." To tell the truth, the fact that my kids have been trained to expect to know why things are happening in their lives is more often than not a pain in my ass, but so is waking up at 6am and having to feed other people first thing in the morning, putting these small people's needs before my own at practically every moment and using most if not all of my monthly clothes allowance on items from the childrens' section. But hi, again, parenting isn't about what's convenient for the parent. We're growing people, not building robots.

*end rant*

*see also: last words are why having a blog is awesome.*   =)

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