Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Due to the beautiful weather and the strange phenomenon that makes my normally pretty-averagely-active children seem like wild and crazy banshees when we're at this house...we had to get out before we drove everyone insane. It's honestly not that they're all THAT much louder here, it just seems that way. Like right now. They're doing their favorite game where Carly drags Bree around on a blanket and they yell like dinosaurs then laugh normal life it's pretty noisy but my WORD. I feel like the decibels have been pumped up. Honestly, the second I'm done with this, I'm going to force them (and myself) out of the cozy family room in the basement where we've been unsuccessfully trying to 'relax' and watch Toy Story II, and back out into the rest of this pretty day. They can yell and run around as much as they want outside without me freaking out about them disturbing everyone. Poor kids.

Anyway, where was I? Oh right. The zoo. It was great!!! It was SO NICE having Paul with us!!! He braved the reptile house while I sat down, took the girls to the 4D movie (the kind with moving seats and flower-scented mist that is not great for a big fat pregnant lady) while I sat down...took them to brush the stinky sheep while guessed it...sat down. I pulled Bree in the wagon from place to place and we pretty successfully dodged the millions of other people there. The best thing I've found is to put the kids in matching, brightly colored outfits when we're out - they are super easy to find when they inevitably start going in opposite directions.

Paul was such a good sport =)

Because we arrived a tiny bit (um, 1.5 hours) behind (my) schedule, we had to park in Africa. So instead of making us walk back to the car, Paul went to pick it up while we waited. My wild beasts had a great time running up and down this wall basically defying death and broken arms and having a great time.

Paul was NOT such a great sport about my photographing our late lunch, so I didn't get a great shot. But just take my word for it - it was fabulous. Bree had an Italian hoagie which beat the pants off the one she gets from Michaelangelo's at home, I had the best chicken cheesesteak (with sweet and hot peppers and grilled onions, sweet mercy that was good) and Paul had 1 and a half cheesesteaks. Just so yummy. So use your imagination with the weird photo and trust me on this. Dalessandro's. YUM.

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KKGhoffman said...

sounds like yall are having a wonderful time!