Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Loveliness!

I cannot sleep. You would think, after the last couple of days, that sleep would be my friend, but it is elusive! Annoying! It's hard to pinpoint how I feel - nothing really hurts, it's a little hard to breathe, I've had plenty of water and for once I'm not hungry - I honestly think this bout of insomnia has more to do with my getting re-used to sleeping alone than it does with any imminent baby stuff, but who knows? I'll find out tomorrow.

So I was sitting here being annoyed about not falling asleep when my phone goes off and I see that my brilliant and wonderful photographer friend had put up some of our photos along with some very sweet words that made me cry for the first time in four days. (Has it really only been four days???) You will notice that I am roughly the size of a house, but I am thankfully also at the point in this pregnancy that I simply do not care. Plus the rest of my family is, in turn, hilarious, handsome, adorable, lovely and captured exactly right. She's a genius I tell you. There are more at her website, which is where I lifted these so the resolution isn't as high as the ones I'll have later. The girls' yucky faces in this first one are cracking me up! So funny. =)
And this one, well...I don't know what to say. Right at this moment he was telling Sharlyn that he wished he could be here to meet this little peanut and that's when I put my hands on my hips to fuss at him about making me cry. He just laughed, because he knew he was breaking the rules. =)

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Sylvia - Mommy said...

I don't know how you're doing it. I ball my eyes out for you every time I think about it. That picture is so sweet and the girls are hysterical!!