Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good and....zzzz

Hi guess what?! We had our first family Skype date with video today. It was a pixellated Paul who had us on mute half the time because his XO came in to talk about work stuff, but we didn't care. He got to see us in all our early morning, bedheaded glory and we got to see a rough outline of his face, and we got to laugh watching his image go up and down with his breath since he had the computer on his stomach.

I can't tell you what those seven minutes and fourteen seconds meant to us. Yay!!!

Then our weekend neighbors came and stole Carly and Bree. I was supposed to be resting but instead I did the laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, did the beds and steam cleaned the couch. There were even some freshly made peanut butter cookies from our grateful kitchen for our was hardly an even trade because the girls had the most wonderful time. We are so rotten!

So what's funny is that after yesterday's adventures, I was surprised I had the energy to take care of all that stuff I needed (wanted) to do, and I probably would have kept going except...well...I sat down. And now getting up is just not super appealing. It's so cozy rrrrright here. =)

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