Monday, April 30, 2012

Almost Ready...With Random Photos =)

So I mentioned earlier how basically nothing had gotten done for this little peanut. It was stressing me out! Fortunately, my cute little horse-loving sidekick and I were able to knock out a MILLION things today, and during all the running around, she was just as cheerful and happy as she could be. Love it! This photo was taken last week, but she's still obsessed with these magical horse dress up's her favorite thing right now! She's got both her own book and her sister's book in front of her, picking and choosing to make the most fableeous creations. =)

We got new tights for Carly, new ballet shoes for Bree, hospital-appropriate pajamas (aka black) for me, cheap slippers, finished packing the hospital bag, finished up the kid powers of attorney*, etc etc, all after I had my appointment this morning at which I learned that I'm quite large, my blood pressure is just fine and, as we predicted, baby girl is not ready to meet us yet. That's all, with a possible exception of the first part, great news.

And, random photo of our paper chain on day one. Obnoxious, right? But we all love neon colors at the moment, so it's not too bad. The orange links are Saturdays, to remind me to plan something super fun on those days. =) We have 30 now! Carly takes great satisfaction in tearing off a link after dinner and writing "Day _ DONE!" on it before dropping it into a big glass jar. And the one window blind? You know the one that looks like how the gangster kids used to wear one sock up high or one pant leg pushed up?
Right - it's like that because if you touch it, the entire thing falls right off the wall. =)

We also adjusted all the carseats to their final positions and dropped off the welcome home banner to some Girl Scout friends who are welcoming their Marine back today. I'm so excited for them!

This random photo was also posted on okay yesterday that door decided it was no longer willing to hold itself up. So lazy! This posed a problem because it's really stinking hard to unload groceries with a 40 pound door resting on your head. =) Anyway, I called a couple of body shops to price it out and they all wanted $200 or more. A friend suggested I just get the parts and find someone to help me, and upon closer inspection I realized that this is NOT a complicated fix, so I did just that. Well, I did just half of just that. I bought the parts and fixed it myself. For a third of what the body shop robbers wanted to charge! Win!

Anyway, so if this happens to you? It's SUPER EASY. Just hold up the door with something very secure (I used a ladder - a six year old is not recommended), grab a screwdriver and pry off the retaining rings, pop off the old lift assisters and pop on the new ones. Seriously. THAT easy. It took five minutes, including reading the directions. My girls are pointing at me because the question they are answering is WHO is awesome??? Haha =)

And that is all.

Oh wait, except for the * thing. Again.
Okay, a kid power of attorney? You military people, pay attention! This is not something I knew before I started teaching Budget for Baby, and it is terribly important. This is technically called "in loco parentis" and is a legal document allowing a non-parent to take care of your kiddos in case you are incapacitated for any length of time. Very important because since Paul is halfway around the planet, he can't very well rush home and pick up the kids if I get really sick or get a concussion or something. Here in the great state of North Cackalacky there is no special provision for kids of deployed service members, so if I'm out of commission, he's gone, and we have no document stating who is going to take care of our progeny, the kids do not pass Go and are placed staight into foster care, where they stay for 90 days while he and I go through the process of once-a-week visits, court-appointed classes and court dates just like everyone else in the system. Unimaginable, right? I watched a very good friend have to go through something similar, and it is just as heartbreaking and painful as you can imagine. Hence the multiple powers of attorney. The notary was a little surprised to see THREE of them, each with two people listed, but like I told her, Mama don't play.


Euna Garrett said...

you are awesome :)

Our Family of Four said...

Oh my word you are kidding me! Foster care for 90 days?!!! How did you find this out? Does a will not suffice, ya know since it states who gets your kids when your dead? Incapacitated and dead are not the same but wow.

Jess said...

The "in loco parentis" is part of the family care plan, did they have you do that before Paul deployed? It is a very big deal here in Oki. We are all required to have family care plans in place and filed with the unit FRO prior to deployment. Units FROs really want them for everyone, but they are only required for deployment. I always have to have one for Steven too, since technically I am nothing more than a step mom and therefore have no legal rights....=(

Jess said...

The "in loco parentis" is a part of the family care plan, did you have to do one of those before Paul deployed? They are big deal here in Oki, and required to be completed and filed with the unit FRO before deployment. I have to have one for Steven all the time too since technically I am just a step mom and therefore have no legal rights to Steven. =(