Saturday, April 28, 2012

Photo Slacker

Well ....we had a fun and exhausting day. Which is EXACTLY what we needed! First we went to the 'quarium with some friends of ours and discovered it was fairy day! What a GREAT surprise! This is the classroom where Carly's birthday party will be held and they were wrapping twigs with curling ribbon to make fairy wands. I should say the 'big girls' because my friend has a baby girl and a two-year old boy as well.
Then at the ray tank where we spent a lot of our time...Bree's hair is hopeless. I promise it DID get combed this morning. =)

From there we all went out to El Zarape for lunch (yummy!). It is soooo nice to hang out with our friends! My girls and I headed home after that for about an hour...not quite long enough for the nap we all so desperately needed, but plenty of time to chill out and watch Alice in Wonderland before going on our super rad scavenger hunt hike with our Daisy friends to which I neglected to bring any kind of photo-taking device. Now we're back home and about to watch a movie...or the girls are going to watch a movie while I finish organizing our documents upstairs...super exciting Saturday night, I tell you what.

The plan remains the same for tomorrow and I'm hoping it also includes a Skype conversation with a certain hunky Marine who has gotten almost to where he's going.

So, okay, a tip? This happened to my friend and I feel I should issue a public warning to avoid possible bodily harm and/or karmic intervention. Here it is: when a person's spouse is gone to long work, that spouse can do no wrong, and any successes they have are something to be celebrated with roughly twice the normal amount of enthusiasm. Never is it appropriate to insinuate that said long-working individual is anything but awesome because during their time away, that individual is, in fact, infallible, brilliant and wonderful. It's not just perception; it's reality. Should you mistakenly say anything that hints that you might think otherwise, the spouse to whom you are speaking is actually doing you a favor by smacking you upside the head, because clearly something got knocked askew in there. Now to be clear, my friend did not resort to physical violence, but it got pretty close.
Consider yourselves fully informed. =)

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Our Family of Four said...

Really I thought Paul was/is all those things even when not on long work!

And I actually charged the batteries on my camera before hosting scouts at our house yesterday and did not remember to take 1 single photo.