Friday, March 23, 2012

Yeah I Know It's On Facebook...

but look how cute my husband looks! I love it.  Also Bree is a giant, the weather was perfect, and dinner was yummy, made more so by the fact that I didn't have to cook or clean up after it.

Bree was my little shadow today. She loves to help, or get in the way, or crawl all over me...anything to just be occupying the same space as me. It's mostly sweet. =) we did the following:

-mopped and/or steam cleaned the floors. Have I mentioned how much I hate berber carpet?
-took apart and cleaned the vacuum and steamer. The vaccuum store wanted over $100 for that! Psh.
-mowed the grass (took 8 minutes) with our little rotary mower. Bree used her bubble mower. =)
-replaced the air filters and washed the vent covers - super gross job, y'all.
-changed sheets and flipped mattresses. If you're going to yell at me about that one, just pretend like you didn't read it.
-cleaned the bathrooms - Bree went to TOWN with the scrub brush! It was her favorite - so cute.
-replaced the salt in our water softener
-got Tricare to pay for some urgent care visits from a year ago, tried with less success to talk Experian into taking it off my credit report.
-wrapped birthday and baby presents
-washed my car
-took the girls into the water office to pay our bill because they love the parakeet in that office!

I'd say we had a productive day! What's most incredible to me is that Bree and I didn't even get started until after 9am and we took lots of breaks for snacks and reading and Barbies. I'm totally giving my little helper credit for our efficiency. The only thing on my list that didn't get done was washing the inside and outside of our windows. I'm not counting that, though, because we were out of outside solution and I can't handle ammonia fumes right now. Paul said he'd do it...but it's going to maybe later! =)

It's perfect, actually, because I like to do nothing on Saturdays and nothing feels better when the floors, cars, vents, bathrooms, sheets and dishes are clean and all the little tasks that build up over the week are complete.

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KKGhoffman said...

Man you were busy!! And i thought that was carly holding pauls hand at first, she is soooo tall.

I wanted to say thanks for reposting things from facebook since i am not on facebook.