Friday, March 23, 2012


Paul's leave block starts today.

I can't decide if I'm happy or sad about that, so I'm going just not really think about it and keep planning Easter-y stuff to do on Pinterest.

We're going to spend some time in Philadelphia, coming home right as Carly's spring break is starting. I was hoping to be able to combine those two things, not because I feel like she's going to fall behind in school, but because it would be easier to distract her from what's coming if she's at school or playing in her favorite city rather than sitting around our little house waiting for her dad to get back from work each day. Pinterest is great for that, too, though, and Paul has to be back to get all his little cami-clad ducks in a row.

In other news, I am adding to my list of Things That Cost Roughly As Much as The Dyson I Keep Trying To Buy. This time, it's a timing belt and water pump for my Pilot. Not broken thank goodness, but needs replacing at 100k miles....which was four thousand miles ago. My bad. Cars that run are better than cool vacuum cleaners, I guess. It's almost a game now, between me and the universe - for the last three years, every time my little rotational savings account gets to a certain level, something around us breaks. Tires, brakes, a fence, a refrigerator, an air conditioning unit, a laptop...I'm thankful we have that handy little account in addition to the bigger ones we don't ever use, but STILL. I cut out a picture of the vacuum to stick in my wallet back when I first started this apparently pointless quest and I'm pretty sure they don't even make that particular model any more. I realize how stupid this sounds - most normal people save up for vacations or big screen TVs, but things are different when you're working with one income and also want to not be broke when you're old. =) I think what I should do is plan to buy something else, like a double jogger or an expensive diaper bag or something, thus practically guaranteeing that my currently-working-just-fine vaccuum will break and need to be replaced.

Okay, well, enough complaining for one day. We have a very long list of things for us (aka Paul) to take care of before he leaves and something tells me that he's just not going to be able to do them, so I'm going to get cracking. It's another beautiful day in North Cackalacky, perfect for a lot of the things on my little list to get accomplished. It's entirely possible that I will get distracted by the weather and end up playing on the beach with Bree all day, but I have a PLAN to be productive at least. =)

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Euna Garrett said...

I'm voting for both the Dyson and the designer diaper bag!!