Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweet Weekend

Carly went to an American Girls tea party on Saturday afternoon...she was a little concerned because she doesn't actually have an American Girl doll, but she came home pretty stoked because she was the only one there who had a LaLaLoopsy with the crazy hair (and the onle one whose dad was there). I love that kid.
Posing...more like the Carly we see every day. =)
Then, Paul and I put together this (gross-looking, sorry) AMAZING dinner. He grilled up some chicken he'd marinated in Italian seasonings, and we tossed it with whole wheat pasta, tomatoes, artichoke hearts and this sauce of lemon juice, garlicky olive oil, herbs and some red pepper. He spun up some olives for a garnish - it turned out SO YUMMY and was actually better cold the next day.
The plan for today was to dye Easter eggs as a family, so Bree got into her current favorite dress up outfit (Christmas dress from two years ago over a fluffy tutu) was helping me make little brownie bites (out of the box!!! The shame! Haha). Carly had a slumber party Saturday night and was still up at 2am, so she slept for about four hours today...then she and I went to Girl Scouts and Bree and Paul went to hang out at the beach. Maybe we'll do eggs tomorrow...the brownies are ready whenever we are! =)


Mommy3 said...

Carly's dress is so cute and she looks beautiful. Bree is so cute...I love all the outfits she comes up with! You are an awesome mom Liz.

Euna Garrett said...

carly is your mini-me!!