Wednesday, March 21, 2012


One blurry, foggy picture of Bree's first swim lesson!
She did awesome. Only tried to dive off the steps and drown herself once, which was quite an accomplishment, if you ask me. Of course she loved it and can't wait to go back today! Due to the pool heating thing, her week of lessons will last until Saturday, so Paul can go! That's fun - he never gets to see this stuff.
We spent all of today outside - again. The weather is just too nice to pass up! All Bree's barbies have leaves in their hair, but that annoyance is totally worth it! We hung out in the weedy mess that is our little backyard and enjoyed the shade, safely away from the swarm of giant black bumblebees who have taken up residence in the bushes in the front yard. Bree organized a number of dance parties for her Barbies and miniature animals and I alternated between reading to her, finishing my own book and playing Draw Something with anyone I could coerce into playing with me. That game is SO FUN...I'm consistently impressed with the touchscreen drawing skillz of my friends. =)

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