Tuesday, March 20, 2012


These pictures turned out like everyone else's sports pictures...small and impossible to tell what's going on. At least I'm not alone! =)

Anyway, this is the crew for Carly's spring tennis clinic. She was the youngest by a couple of years but I thought she did really well holding her own. The biggest struggle we face with Carly and sports (other than my complete failure in contributing to the athletic portion of our family gene pool) is helping her keep trying when she doesn't get something right the first time. Her coach is AWESOME and his relentless positivity really helped her in that aspect.

Coming off the court

Doing her individual quiz toward the end of class. The kids learned a dozen different strokes, plus all the parts of the racquet and the different spots on the tennis court. Carly did great!

Waiting for her 'diploma'...making sure the camera was ready. =)

Jr. Coach with Coach Jack and Carly! She had a blast and can't wait to attend the summertime clinics (even though Mommy is slightly dreading sitting out in a million degree hot buggy North Carolina weather with a baby and a crazy middle sister...)

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