Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words...or Two Paragraphs

I keep waiting for my stupid phone to send this picture I just took but it won't do it and I can't sit here forever....so I'll tell you the photo was of Bree holding up the children's dictionary I just spent the last half hour reading to her while Carly is in the background playing on her Leapster. I gave Carly 15 minutes because I have this weird aversion to kids and video games, and to my child's everlasting credit, she only made a halfhearted attempt to sneak the Leapster upstairs before she put it back into the kitchen drawer where it lives. Now she's looking through a science experiment book and talking to me about the life cycle of frogs so I'm going to call it a win and hope Paul's eyes don't roll completely out of his head. Nevermind. He just handed Carly the dictionary and is having her read the "How To Use This Dictionary" section aloud to Bree.

Hahahahahaha our poor kids have NO CHANCE.

So since I mentioned aversions, you know what else is weird? I still don't want to have anything to do with grilled meat, which is what's for dinner around here. Most other food aversions disappeared around 18 weeks (if you've seen me, that fact is abundantly clear - my butt has its own gravitational field y'all.) but that one stuck. Maybe I'm baking a vegetarian.

A vegetarian who has a seriously annoying habit of tucking all her pointy little parts right under my ribs. AGH Mama can't breathe.

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