Thursday, March 08, 2012

One of Those Days

You know, one of those days. The perfect ones? The ones you wish you could hit 'repeat' on and just do over and over again? That was the kind of day we had today. (Up until, well, now with the bedtime drama, but that doesn't count.) We started off not rushing to school, which was awesome. Then we met up with some friends to walk around. This is at the end of part of our walk - we actually went back to this little area this afternoon - where the trail goes out over the sound. So beautiful!
Right after that, we went to a park to meet a playgroup, but when I saw that they were all eating McDonald's, two were smoking and all of them were sitting around the table yelling at their kids to come back or get down or whatever...I just pretended I wasn't really there to meet them and called a friend to meet us so it wasn't totally obvious I was snubbing them for being trashy. We did a LOT of playing on the swings, and some digging in the sand. Fun times!
We came back home for an hour to rest up and refuel, then picked up Carly at the bus and headed back out to our new hiking spot with yet another set of friends. We love Annie! She's such an imaginative girl - she found fairy houses, elf boats, leprechaun stairs, and a few other cool things I can't remember - and my girls had an awesome time exploring with her.
We randomly found this cool sideways-growing tree at the end of one trail! It was SO FUN!!! The kids spent a good hour climbing around and exploring the area. This is the perfect time to be out in the woods - the weather was warm enough that we were comfortable (it was California beautiful, actually, 70 and sunny) but the bugs aren't out yet. We'll be out here every chance we get in the next few weeks.
Bree, "stirring up some soup for the alligators." Note: there are no alligators.
We made it home right as the sun was setting. The girls took a shower and we had BFD, then Bree colored while Carly did her school homework. Then we got to read our rad history lesson about the first nomads and first farmers. Here are my little learners getting ready to acquire some knowledge! It's really Carly's lesson, but Bree was answering some questions, too. That incredibly bright ladybug lamp is actually the current source of the drama tonight. It's too bright for Carly and Bree still wants to read. This is not usually the issue, but tonight I guess it's just extra important. Either that, or they don't really want this amazing day to end either, so they're dragging it out using any tactic they can think of. =)
Tomorrow we have a fun (but promising to be rainy) Girl Scout thing, then Saturday morning are more Girl Scout things followed by dinner with friends and Sunday, I forget. There is something, but I couldn't tell you what. Let's hope I remember before then. =)

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