Saturday, March 10, 2012

Crazy Daisies

Now that the drama of cookie season is coming to a close (thank goodness!!!), doing Girl Scout stuff is all fun again. This last Friday we drove WAY out to attend a council event. We had dinner with several other troops then went outside for campfire songs and roasting s'mores. The girls had a great time! This was one of our best-attended special events, with all but three of our girls there! Carly was excited because the event was held at the place where she's going to be spending her first two-night sleepaway Girl Scout camp this summer. I was pretty glad to get my eyes on the place before sending my girl there, too.

The video is all dark, but I had to record the girls singing "Make New Friends" in a round. It was the first time for singing a round for almost all of the girls there. Carly told me today that she really loves it when "the singing is all mixed up and matchy like that." It was super sweet! We sang lots and lots of funny songs - but this one is a GS classic. =)
Some of our group waiting for dinner. LOVE these girls. =)
My own crazy chica right before we headed home. She was soooo tired!
This was right as we were pulling into the church parking lot for the parents to gather their girls...of course nobody even fell asleep until about 10 minutes before we arrived!!! I had another mom drive with me, which was AWESOME.
Then, this morning we were up and at it again for our council's 100th Anniversary and Thinking Day celebration. This girl's mom is one of our co-leaders and works for NCIS. She had a booth doing fingerprinting and safety ID kits for the girls, while I took the girls around to all the booths. They got to make several fun crafts and learned a little bit about Girl Scouts through the past century.
There was a facepainting booth. Bree asked for a mustache...what else can I say?

We got to talk to Paul on Skype this morning, too!!! It was GREAT! We saw him in his work clothes while he's waiting for a flight in the next few days or so. We're still not super clear on his travel schedule but are hoping it won't take him quite as long to get home as it took to get out there.

The girls and I are resting up now and then heading out to a barbecue with friends this afternoon. The weather is picture-perfect today and we're really looking forward to seeing everyone. Next week - well, I have no idea what's happening next week b/c my calendar isn't open in front of me this very second. I do know the weather is supposed to be ok, so that makes me happy. =) Hoping you're having a great weekend, too!

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