Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Calendar Help

Anybody know how to re-set an iPhone calendar that was oh-so-helpfully erased by a set of little fingers?

I forgot about basically everything I was supposed to be doing this week - I'm perfectly helpless without my little reminders dinging every morning, telling me where I should be and when. Thankfully, Navy Relief has a big posted schedule so I could copy that, and thankfully I emailed Carly's teacher this morning about a homework issue and she reminded me that there was an early release today. I would absolutely NOT have remembered that.

Sort of thankful for an early day and (I think) a day off tomorrow. There is something yucky going around Carly's classroom, so hopefully some time away from school will give everyone a chance to heal up. Coughs and fevers aren't the worst thing in the world, but it's still not fun.

Okay, that is all. Carly told me my blog looks like the Starburst candies we used on our gingerbread houses at Christmas. =) She loves it. I love that you can actually see the title.

Happy Wednesday to all three of you! =)

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