Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Girls

This photo flat out refuses to rotate the correct way, and for that I apologize. Now - the following will mean nothing to those of you who happened to NOT grow up Southern Baptist, or Southern Methodist....basically any kind of Southern Protestant...but I'm pretty sure Carly has inherited the spritiual gift of affirmation. One of our sitters, Ellie, was doing bean art with Bree the other day and made this. Carly had a few things to say about it. =)

Here's another picture of Bree showing me what she REALLY wanted to do today instead of going to the park. Girlfriend is ready for the beach! She wears a swimsuit around the house most days, and thankfully is pretty agreeable about keeping a coverup on when we're outside. Or at least mostly on...
Her favorite part of any park!!! She is so tiny and so big all at once.

I have to do something about this house. Good weather = a MESS inside! Oh my word! It's a good thing Paul isn't the type to burst in the door unannounced and surprise us because even though I know this clutter is a ten-minute problem, it looks like a tornado blew through here.
Clean? Yes. Tidy? Hardly!

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