Monday, March 12, 2012

Laziest Day of the Year

The weather was absolutely amazing again today, but Bree and I didn't see much of it. She has major allergy sniffs and we spent most of the day in my bed working through two boxes of tissues, reading through every single picture book in our house and watching nature shows on Netflix. It was relaxing and wonderful...perfect for what I've heard is the laziest day of each year.

Bree also had fun playing this funny app I found for her the other day. It's the Toca Boca hair salon - with all these crazy characters, you can cut their hair, blow dry it all crazy, spray paint's awesome. Bree has figured out how to save pictures of her masterpieces to my phone, so each day I have to get in there and clear them out. I love this little guy, though. =) We've got the Preschool Prep apps, too, and Bree has learned all her sight words that way which is super cool! Makes waiting at dance or doctor's appointments so much better for her! What are some of your favorite apps?

Paul is pointed in our direction and should be moving this way soon! That's exciting news, we cannot wait to see him! He actually asked for his honeydo list yesterday and bless him he just said okay to everything on it. March Madness is this week (right?) so I'm not expecting that any of it will be done before Sunday, but we've got a few weeks for him to finish. =)

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