Friday, March 30, 2012

Little Fish

We had thought Bree would be moving up a level in her swim lessons, but she has this odd and terrifying habit of NOT BREATHING when she's swimming. We can get her to put her head out of the water but she won't breathe. The teacher even had her flipping over onto her back every sixth kick to get her face up, but unless the teacher was holding her head and having Bree sing the alphabet, Bree was holding her breath until she got her feet back on the steps. So she's going to be doing pin fish again in May and hopefully we'll figure out a way for her to get some air in her lungs. She adores swimming so much...I just need her to do it safely.
This is the conversation that transpired immediately before this photo was taken:
Miss Deana: You have to breathe, girl! You are not a mermaid!
Bree: Yes I am. I am a mermaid! Haha!
Miss Deana: Look, Bree! You have TWO LEGS and NO FINS. You're a girl and girls have to breathe when they are swimming.
Bree: I'm still a mermaid. Sometimes mermaids get legs, then they live in castles.
Miss Deana:( looking at me and laughing) I don't even know what to say to that.
Meanwhile Carly was splashing around practicing dolphin dives and kicking. She adores swimming too and is excited about her lessons in June and July. She has Paul's body type 100%, which we think would be perfect for swimming, so we'll see if she takes to it when it gets a little more technical.
Cotton Ball!!!!

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