Monday, April 02, 2012

Saturday...wait, no...Sunday

We drove up Saturday, easy drive. Again, miraculously, we didn't hit a single bit of traffic until the second we crossed into Virginia. It's so weird. We spent the rest of Saturday hanging out; Paul went with his brothers to watch basketball and the girls watched movies and ran around like maniacs in the basement.

Sunday, I lasted until about 10am before I had to go do my normal rounds of shopping at stores that are not where we live. I went to Whole Foods, DSW (gold Sperry topsiders! On clearance! Yes!!!), the bookstore, Target for Easter stuff and Ikea where I found some sweet little curtains for the baby's room. The girls spent most of the day outside - it was chilly but they did great. When I got home, they were involved in a serious game of cars with Daddy.
And then some pullups after his run, on the frame for the summertime canopy! He won't be pleased that this made the bloggy, but he was just so cute. =)

Bree. With the broom and two cars...who knows? I l-o-v-e this backyard, so pretty and so many fun places for little girls and their imaginations. Paul and I have a photo in front of the forsythia bushes when they were blooming seven years ago...Carly was there, too, just inside my giant belly. =)

Carly doing some pullups, too. She's such a goofball - I told her to put on her warrior face, and this is what I got...

And then...I words. They're all nuts. =)

Later that afternoon - or maybe it was before? I can't remember. Paul, MomMom and Carly went to go visit Great Grandpop at his Sr. Living facility. Today, Paul and the girls are going to see The Lorax (we have insider information that the Easter Bunny is bringing that book to Carly and there is also a Lorax exhibit at the zoo where we will go once it is not freezing and miserable outside!) while I go see the Hunger Games. Since my movie is about an hour longer than theirs, they're going to go get some lunch at LeBus (yummy!) and then later? Who knows. Paul's going to watch yet another basketball game with his brothers and the girls and I will find something to get into.

We LOVE this city! LOVE IT. Can't wait for the weather to get a teensy bit nicer so we can go all the outdoor things we like best.

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