Friday, March 30, 2012

I Sat Down

...and that was a HUGE mistake because now I can't get up. I physically cannot move - and it's so weird because I don't even notice when Paul is sitting here watching basketball or ESPN or whatever while I'm doing normal houseworky stuff but I feel like such an unproductive lump just sitting here while he cleaned out the car.

I watched Troy last night, which was also an exercise in faulty decision-making given that it was the first movie I saw with Paul...and then he showed me the ticket stub he still carries in his wallet and it was all over for me and normal emotions for the night. Today, Paul and I took Bree with us up to the base to do 101 Errands, and I think that, plus being a thousand months pregnant, plus not getting much sleep last night is having lots to do with my inability to move my limbs. Fingers don't really count as limbs, do they?

Anyway, Bree was AWESOME all day - here are lots of cute pictures to illustrate my point. I should have taken a photo at each stop, but I got a few of them...and she's still playing happily right now, believe it or not. Best of all, we got all our stuff accomplished and we're those eight steps closer to being all the way ready for this big looming deployment. We neither one of us want to talk about it any more and we both feel the same way - this part is arguably the worst. You know it's coming and there's nothing you can do but wait for it; you don't want to say "just get it over with" because that seems like he's in a hurry to leave us or I'm in a hurry for him to go, both of which are the opposite of how we feel...but at the same time...we're both ready to just get this thing started. Purgatory stinks.

So now that I've thoroughly depressed you, let's have some cute photos, shall we? =)

Balancing on the walking wall at the hospital! Please note: if you are bringing Bree to the Naval Hospital, please allow her to do this. It's basically her favorite thing and the song she sings to accompany herself is awesome.
Exploring the grounds of the Marston Pavilion while we wait for Paul to be done with a retirement ceremony.
If this picture had sound, you would be hearing "OH MY GOSH!!!! THIS IS SUCH A GREAT SURPRISE!!!!" We found this cute little playground - her reaction was priceless!!!
Hi, my name is Bree and I'm 11 years old.
Playing with daddy's cover while we wait for the notary at base legal. SO freaking cute!

I took the girls to swimming to give Paul a much-needed break and now he's outside with the girls playing baseball while I get dinner ready. I have no fewer than four thousand things to do to get ready for our long trip tomorrow, so let's hope I can summon the energy to do at least the more necessary of them before our 6:30am departure time. Wish me luck!!! =)

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