Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The Emerald Isle St. Patrick's Day festival is oh-soooo-conveniently held in the parking lot of the little shopping center right outside our neighborhood! SWEET! It is one of the area's only free festivals, so it was pretty busy...but while we were there earlier in the day, the crowd was mostly families and the weather was absolutely perfect. Lucky us!!!
My favorite stop of the morning was the clown who had a booth facepainting. She didn't have set rates and I'm pretty sure what she does is part of an outreach ministry. She had a couple of pidgeons and a rabbit for the kids to play with while they waited and she did a beautiful job. She was so sweet and patient with all the kids crowding around her, too! Carly enjoyed holding the birds so much - it was hard for her to let them go.
SUCH a pretty picture of my girl!
Bree wanted a sparkly butterfly just like Carly. =)
Hahahaha, this kid! This is after she ate most of MY chicken gyro and split a plate of ribbon fries (um, hello delicious) with Carly. Paul and his friend who met us there both got eaten by the beer tent and the kids were soooo hungry...
This was before we realized that we had probably lost Paul for good. =)
Bree climbed this tree like the monkey she is and Carly...
...Carly practiced her photobombing skills. I laughed so hard I almost fell off the bench!!! OMG! Hysterical!

We left JUST in time! Bree started to lose her mind when we were about a block away from the house, and after three cups of water and come oranges to counteract all that grease, the girls went down for naps and were OUT within a couple of minutes. Paul's friend and his family came over after a couple of hours and we grilled yummy hot dogs and hamburgers and got to hang out with them for a while! They have kiddos around the same age as ours and everyone seemed to have a nice time! Now...Paul is asleep on the couch and the girls are fighting sleep with all their might. =)

Tomorrow is another Girl Scout adventure! So exciting!!!

And Sonic Happy Hour just started again!!!

And Carly doesn't have school on Monday!!! I'm going to just ignore the part about how that is practically ruined by Paul's boss' AWESOME plan for all the staff and officers to go tent camping in Virginia all day Monday and Tuesday. But wait, Liz, you say. Didn't he JUST come home from a long trip where he spent the better part of three weeks staring at most of these guys in various airport terminals? And before that, didn't he JUST spend six weeks IN A TENT staring at ALL these guys while they were training in California? And, in four short weeks, isn't he going to spend HALF A YEAR living in a tent and talking to these same guys??? Why yes, actually, he did, he did and he is. So why I need to give up one of the eight-four nights I'm going to get with my husband in 2012 so that he can go stare at these guys and sleep in a's beyond me. I'm just hoping that there is something more cool than a case of beer and a can of insect repellant planned.

On to less whiny things...we named the baby! Wahoo! And it was without bloodshed! It's a miracle. =)


Emily said...

You are a good woman! :)

Our Family of Four said...

"And it was without bloodshed" truely a miracle when choosing baby names. Who knew it would be so hard!

And chicken gyros, omg you are making me so jealous! Will I ever live in the free world again?