Sunday, March 18, 2012

Summer Lineup aka How NOT to do Polyvore

This is funny. See that white t-shirt to the right? *you might need to scroll down about six inches*

Okay, well...I originally chose to add it to my lineup then I realized two things:
1) It's a couple hundred dollars. See also: something I would NEVER pay for a white t-shirt.
2) A white t-shirt + the amount of baby bodily fluids that will likely be a large part of my daily life = not a good idea.

So I tried to move it back. Ha, Liz. Hello. You don't do that on Polyvore. Then I tried to edit the whole published set, which you also can't do on Polyvore, and I'm much more interested in hanging out with Paul than starting all over again. So all the stuff I DID choose and might ACTUALLY buy (almost every item is under $50) is teeny tiny. It's still so funny. Scroll below the photo for the original post before my little techno foible. And pardon the GIANT white spaces! Oh my word...maybe I should start over...

summer lineup
At this very moment, the Cardigan Empire 5-Steps to Signature Style blog is on my linky to the right. I'm sure at some point it will be replaced, so I've helpfully given you the link. You're welcome!!!

I love that blog. It's so cute, and stylish, and put-together. It also is inspiring a little bit of panic at the moment. Y'all, step one is to identify 5 to 10 (TEN!!!) pieces that "unequivocally robe your external self with your internal essence."

Is it just me, or did you just hear the sound of screeching brakes? Possibly also the sound of a skipping record? Crickets?

Right. I don't think I even own that many pieces of actual clothes.

Let's just disregard my pregnancy wardrobe for the moment (most of which, it should be noted, was generously supplied by a friend of mine who handed me her GIANT bin of maternity clothes a couple of months ago. Thanks, Terra!!!) and focus on what I'd normally be wearing if I weren't blessed with the opportunity to sport full-panel stretchy jeans and empire-waist tops for seven months straight. It can't be possible that my "internal essence" is adequately expressed with v-neck t-shirts from the Gap (Outlet...on sale...with a coupon) and one of several pairs of jeans that were given to me by yet another friend in payment for helping her organize her insanely overstuffed closet (thanks, Kim!!!), or can it? Am I really about as interesting as heather gray cotton? Say it isn't so!

Up until about five minutes ago, the sort of messed up Polyvore set above was, literally, my entire wardrobe plan for the summer. My plan included those three outfits in pretty equal rotation - jean shorts and a roomy-but-cute t-shirt, bathing suit and coverup, and workout clothes so that maybe one day in the future I can wear just the bathing suit without causing severe retinal damage and possibly irreversible psychological harm to my fellow beach bums. The inexpensive earrings, watch and sunglasses are not simply a representation of the wide array of accessories I planned to wear, but are actually the full complement of the bling department of my plan. Two pairs of flip flops and Nike Frees? Yes please.

Enter Cardigan Empire and suddenly all that functional, low-maintenance, comfortable and still relatively cute (or so I thought!) stuff I put together seems boring and a little depressing. Like maybe I should switch the cutoff shorts for mom jeans, stop highlighting my hair or flirting with my hunky husband, and start posting endless blogs about my kids and all the...stuff I teach them at...home...oh....

Oh noooooooo. Would you believe it if I told you I was, at this moment, barefoot in the kitchen?

AND I'm a Girl Scout leader. Ohhh this is bad, y'all. This is honestly the first time my inability to sew or knit or garden is looking like a positive thing for me.

Here, however many hours after I made (messed up) that set, it still looks really comfortable and wonderful, but it isn't much of a style statement I guess. It's more of a lifestyle statement, and the jury is out about whether or not that's a good thing. Thanks for the complex, CE! Until I can figure out whether or not this is a crisis (it's probably not and also I will likely forget all about this in a week), I'm going to just file my little summer set under "It's a Good Thing I Have a Personality" and call it a day.

Besides, I do really want that watch. =)

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