Friday, March 16, 2012

Worth. It.

This afternoon, Carly brought home one of her freewriting exercises from last week, in which she discusses last Friday's Girl Scout trip. We went to a campfire at the summer camp location where she'll get to go in June. We had dinner with other troops and roasted s'mores, sang was awesome. In the anticipation of it all, Carly got a few details mixed up - like how we were going to stay two nights (that's for summer camp) and how there would be lots of canoeing. She will probably get to do that in summer camp and her log cabin is just awesome. The entire reason I do this whole Girl Scout thing is because I'm selfish, y'all, truly. I want to be in as many of this little girl's memories as possible, and that goal is worth all the paperwork and hauling other people's kids around in my car (even though I don't mind THAT at all, either, I love having a car full of kids).

So anyway, even if Carly remembers her friends and what we do more than the fact that her mama was there for it all, I have documentation. See below:

Pretty much the cutest thing ever, right? Not that I say that every other week or anything...feel free to be as nauseous as you need to be. Whatever gets you through. Haha, but you should be warned: the Brownie bridging ceremony is coming up the first week in June and the cuteness of THAT...well...just have your Zofran ready. =)


KKGhoffman said...

so sweet

KKGhoffman said...

yeah I think it worked :)