Friday, March 02, 2012

Found Photos and As Promised =)

Sorry the picture is blurry - I'm honestly still figuring it out! Haha - anyway, Bree woke up with the coolest bedhead the other day and I had to get a picture of it. As a baby she had THE craziest hair. Here she is succumbing to the "you're gonna smiiiiillleeeee" thing that used to torture me as a kid. I guess mine aren't old enough to realize how seriously annoying it is for someone to be in your face singing that when you're trying to be mad. =)
From yesterday...I think? Oh who knows. Anyway, picnic outside. My sweet girl. Honestly one of the best parts about having kiddos so far apart is that each of them is going to get a couple of years at home with me just by themselves while the bigger ones are off getting educated.
From back when Paul was here - blurry again, my bad - Bree is showing us the part she likes on the roasted brussels sprouts - the carmelized part! Personally I think it's nothing short of a minor miracle that I got a kid to eat those little brains at ALL, but the kids dug them. Thanks, Pinterest!
Homework! She got the main concept of this book but had a hard time following the directions, mostly because she doesn't like to color. Have we talked about this? Bree doesn't like to color because she can't do it perfectly...sound like anyone we know??? You also get a great shot of the wallpaper peeling from the corner. Honestly - you want to know what I want for my birthday? Some contractor out here getting this junk OFF the walls and repainting. Honestly.
More homework! This time it was a reading program that CARLY has for her school. Bree's been watching the Preschool Prep sight words DVDs for a few weeks and she knows how to find them now. In this case, they were down to the last word, which was unfamiliar to her, but she knew she hadn't picked it yet. Yeah yeah I know, she's a genius. =)
And then finally, from this morning. I told you the story about Bree's outfit already, and here's our fabulous fashion art on Carly's ensemble. We were super happy with the way it turned out!

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