Friday, March 02, 2012

Dr. Seuss and Fun Times Traveling with the Military

I promise I will post a photo when I get home, because Carly looked awesome this morning dressed up as Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus series. Side note: how GREAT are those books??? I love them!

We knew they were doing something for Dr. Seuss' birthday today, and her teacher sent out an email last Friday about it. Unfortunately for me, Friday just so happened to be the day before Paul left for medium work again so I clicke the email, saw there was an attachment, did not try and open said attachment and immediately forgot about it. Dr. What? a moment that I'm sure is one of the classics as far as parenting is concerned and had yet to happen to me, Carly brings up her book report (her what?!) that was due today and the costume (say who?!) that she was going to wear to school. This was about 5pm yesterday when we were cleaning up the yard and preparing to go inside.

So we go to the party store and find an Alice in Wonderland costume on clearance and buy it and joke with the store lady about how people always seem to conveniently forget the "COSTUMES ARE A FINAL PURCHASE" signs plastered all over the place. We spend the entire ride home planning our Halloween getups and Carly about makes me drive off the road with her spot-on imitation of the sleepy tea party mouse.

So, okay, only when we get back home again do I remember the attachment and open it to find that they want homemade costumes and are 'so excited' to see our creativity. Um. So it's 6:30 and my kids are starving and filthy and the costume I just purchased and cannot now return (thank goodnes it was on clearance and Carly's already prepared for the fact that she'll be wearing it on Halloween) is sitting right in front of me. Lucky me, Bree chose that moment to ask that I read the "hair-cane" book to her.


So we grab a worn-out skirt and a white t-shirt and craft-paint clouds and rain on it like Miss Frizzle's rad dress in the book. I'll put the picture RIGHT HERE when I get home so you can see how darn cute Carly looks. She even let me put in rollers so she could have the right kind of frizzy hair-do. Note that I forgot the book report even though I had to get another parent to email it to me b/c my darn computer wouln't open the file.

Flash forward to this morning. Poor Carly is having to alternate between writing the report and taking bites of her green-eggs-and-ham burrito. We talk about how no one is going to be dressed like her and how cool that is, and we notice that Bree has disappeared.

She comes back downstairs dressed as Peter Pan's shadow, in all black. She's also wearing a skirt, because I keep telling her that leggings are not pants - this is a lesson I hope she will carry with her throughout life - and she has chosen to wear two different socks because, as she explains, no one else will have socks like that. Honestly - so cool.

Okay, and finally, because I know this is so long and getting boring, Paul is STILL not 'there' yet. He has been traveling for 12 hours shy of an entire week. A week!!! It would take less time to get to the moon, y'all. He still has no word on what his job will be when he goes for real (not that I'm going to put it here, ever) and he's just atounded at the amount of money being wasted. Example: why is the chow hall where they are stocked with candy bars and soda? I forget how he put it, but common sense would tell me that's hardly the way you'd fuel a force you expect to be battle-ready at any moment. Moon pies and Pepsi? Really????

He did get a return flight date, which is super but given how the trip out there has gone, we're not holding out much in the way of hopeful expectations for an expeditious return. It's a good thing our kiddos keep us entertained becaue the rest of this nonsense could make a person lose their mind.

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