Saturday, March 03, 2012

Carly's Big Adventure

Today I took Carly's Girl Scout troop up to Tryon Palace, the name for North Carolina's first capitol was actually only the state capitol for about 20 years in the 1700's but the entire area is really pretty. It was Girl Scout day, so we stopped at the history center museum first, where they had lots of activities set up for the girls to do. One of the activities was sewing this ditty bag like they used to have in WWII. Carly did really well for not having a lot of experience sewing. There are tons of kids sewing basket ideas on Pinterest and I may have to put one together for her!
We did lots of other really cool stuff, but this is the palace itself. Rebuilt in the 1950's from the original architect's plans and filled with artifacts from the 1700's, it is beautiful. I'm going to bring the girls back up when the weather isn't all drippy and rainy and we can explore the beautiful grounds and the other homes right around this main building.
We spent a good six hours exploring, and we didn't even see half of the exhibits there! That was mostly because the activities in the museum building took a l-o-o-ong time because our girls were the youngest ones there. They hung in there pretty well!
We're back home now and of the two girls I ended up taking, one's mom was here right on time to get her and the other one's mom well...I hope she's ok. She's not here yet and honestly y'all all I really want to do is get in my pajamas and take off my makeup and sit around like a lump instead of running up and down the stairs reminding our guest that we don't break things that don't belong to us, we don't talk to Bree like that, we don't hit, tattling isn't nice, crayons are for paper not doors, we don't throw things over the balcony, we don't use words like that...etc etc. It's NOT easy to still be nice, so I'm going to distract myself by vacuuming up all the popcorn out of the couch from the movie snack and I very specifically (and in writing no less) told my babysitter should be eaten in the kitchen.
On a less whiny note, we talked to Paul and he should be headed to real work oh gosh, was that earlier today? Or will it be in the middle of the night (our time). I need to get a second clock to keep track b/c I'm totally confused. =)

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