Sunday, March 04, 2012

Barbies for Baseboards

We instituted the ransom bin today for stuff that the girls don't pick up after being asked to do so. I was having this discussion with someone a couple of months ago and they stated to me that removing toys after they haven't been picked up is not considered a natural consequence, but a parent-derived consequence aka punishment. The point being punishments don't teach, and consequences do. I didn't agree with her statement that removing toys are a punishment - to me it seems like a pretty logical thing. As a grownup person, if I don't take care of my stuff, it breaks or gets worn out too fast or lost and I don't have it any more. Lucky for the kids they get a chance to earn their stuff back.

Are they happy about it? Not really at all, actually. Which is ok with me. It's not my job to make them happy - it's my job to grow responsible (among lots of other things) humans.

Is wiping down the baseboards torture? For me with my big fat belly, yes. For the kids? Nope. I even made it into a contest to see who could get the most dust on their wipes.

Said toys were returned. And left on the floor. Again.

Now it's naptime and guess where that stick unicorn and fancy glittery Barbie pony are? That's RIGHT! Which is fine with me, because there are lots of baseboards in this house. And after that there are sidewalks to be swept, bookshelves to be dusted, light switches to be sanitized...the list goes on. This might be my favorite Pinterest find yet.

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