Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Not Pregnant Enough for This

Okay, so I'm 30 weeks and 5 days. I'm already missing this pregnancy. I'm not ready for it to be over, for so many reasons. I swear if I could skip morning sickness, I'd have a bunch more kids, but maybe that's one way MN puts a control on our procreation - making the first part suck SO MUCH that we have to think twice about doing it again. Well, the very end part isn't exactly a picnic either, but I haven't survived that yet, so we're not going to spend a lot of time dreading it.

*My apologies to any of you who are thinking of having a child. Zofran does make it much better, truly.*

Anyway, I'm wiped out today. I have lots and lots of friends who work throughout their pregnancies, and I honestly can't figure out how they do it! I was volunteering today for much less than a full workday and I'm practically comatose. There are several things I think to blame here, all of which will be fixed w/in the next couple of days:

1) I'm allergic to something growing and I can't breathe. Therefore I can't sleep. It froze last night and will freeze again tonight so hopefully I'll get a little reprieve.

2) For our afternoon snack, Bree and I shared some coconut snow (coconut milk, lime juice, stevia, ice) but I accidentally made it with regular, not light, coconut milk so I'm in a fat-coma. My hair will be awesome tomorrow, though. =)

3) I'm thirsty. Easy fix.

4) Due to the stupid pelvic thing I haven't had a really good sweaty workout in weeks. I've found a few ideas for ways to work around the annoying inability to lunge, move side-to-side, do steps, rotate my hips or even freaking cross my legs for crying out loud, so those will be put to the test tomorrow.

5) And finally, Paul Skyped last night so I got to spend time talking to him when I would have otherwise been trying to sleep. That trade-off was absolutely 100% worth it!!!

He's off exploring what will be his home for six months and some change when he deploys and we don't know what the wifi situation will be there. He only has a limited amount of time to learn as much as he can, though, so even if the place is near a big base with tons of connectivity, I expect he'll be too busy running around getting a lay of the land to spend a lot of time trying to catch us on the phone. But, it was so nice to see his pixellated face last night! His eyebrow has resumed its normal proportions and while you can still see a bruise, it's healing pretty well.

The kids are so ready for him to be back home. I taught them the healing powers of sleeping with Daddy's PT shirts and it is so adorable.

They're both starving so I should probably get up off my tired behind and feed the poor babies.

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